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Mankind has always been fascinated by smoke, becoming part of religious/cultural ceremonies thus bringing to the creation of more advanced smoking tools.

First historical find of a pipe brings us back to thousands years ago in Egypt, although its purpose has not been explained yet. After the discovery of America, the plant of tobacco has been spread all over Europe.

First Meerschaum pipes date back to year 1700, and they are still considered among the most valuable ones.

Briar pipes (from Erica Arborea) production starts only at mid-1800 because its manufacturing was only possible after the invention of the lathe.  First manufacturers were French and Italians, the latter ones currently excel in the handmade production.

During the years different types and concepts of how to build, choose, fill, light, smoke and clean the pipe have been developed.

Our selection ranges plenty of italian craftsman such as MastroDePaia, SerJacopo, L'AnatraDalleUovaD'Oro, Caminetto and IlCeppo, of course without forgetting about valuable international brands as Dunhill, Stanwell, Chacom and Winslow.

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